Fill up on healthy high fibre foods

At this time of year lots of us are looking at ways to improve our lifestyle and eat healthily.  Did you know that high fibre foods make you feel full for longer, and have the added benefit of helping to reduce cholesterol and keep your bowels healthy.

The NHS Choices recommends that you aim to eat 30 grams* of fibre per day. This can help to aid weight loss on a calorie controlled diet.


Easy ways to add fibre to your diet:

  1. Go wholemeal or wholegrain for your breakfast cereal, pasta, rice and bread.
  2. Have 2 portions of veg at lunch and dinner.
  3. Add pulses, beans, lentils and peas to your meals.
  4. Choose healthy snacks such as fruit or vegetable sticks with a low fat houmous dip.
  5. Air popped plain popcorn is a good one, but don’t add the salt or sugar!

*Increase your fibre intake gradually and aim to drink 1.2 litres of water a day.


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