Is your New Year resolution to lose weight & get exercising in 2017?

In 2016 the number one new years resolution from the ITV news viewers poll was to ‘lose weight and do more exercise’.  I wonder how many people have managed to stick to this plan, as we know it takes determination and perseverance to get results and most new year resolutions fall by the way side within the first month or even week!

So how do you keep to your new years resolution to ‘lose weight and do more exercise’ – we have been looking for the best advice on how to make these life style changes and sustain them.


NHS Choices Live Well losing weight programme provides you with a 12 week step by step guide to healthy weight loss and exercise. NHS 12 Week Weight Loss Plan . Down load an easy to follow pack each week to help you plan, set your goals and keep motivated.

The 12 top tips from the 12 week Weight Loss plan are listed below:

  1. Don’t skip breakfast
  2. Eat regular meals
  3. Eat plenty of fruit and veg
  4. Get more active
  5. Drink plenty of water
  6. Eat high-fibre foods
  7. Read food labels
  8. Use a smaller plate
  9. Don’t ban foods
  10. Don’t stock junk food
  11. Cut down on alcohol
  12. Plan your meals

Other new year resolutions that featured in the top five of the ITV poll were – cut down on alcohol, stop smoking.

NHS Choices has a great online resource with over 100 topics on healthy living and useful tools such as Couch to 5k running programme to guide you on your health and fitness journey.  There is also information on how to cut back on alcohol and stop smoking.

Get going and good luck, make 2017 the year you change your lifestyle!

Happy New Year from the Valley Leisure team.

Compliment your 12 week plan with an all inclusive membership at Andover Leisure Centre or Romsey Rapids Sports Complex.


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