6 Easy steps to burn a few extra pounds this Christmas?


Christmas Day is now just a few days away, have you pushed the boat out in the festive season and eaten one too many mince pies or glugged back the Mulled wine??

Do not dismay, put some zest into your steps in last minute preparations for  Christmas to burn a few extra pounds – ‘excuse the pun’!

  1. Cleaning the house before your Christmas guests arrive:
    1.  Dusting for 30 minutes burns 80 calories
    2. Mopping floors for 15 minutes burns 70 calories
    3. Vacuuming for 30 minutes burns 120 calories
  2. Get some fresh air and set off on a brisk Christmas walk, a one hour walk after your Christmas lunch can burn 280 calories (walking at 3mph average pace). Take the family and make it a social occasion!
  3. Head off to your nearest Christmas ice rink and burn 165 calories for 30 minutes on the ice. Great for toning up your tummy muscles too!
  4. Even heading to the kitchen to prepare a Christmas feast can burn 70 calories in 30 minutes. Get peeling those roast potatoes!
  5. Turn up the Christmas music and get into the festive spirit dancing around the house, in just 30 minutes you can burn 195 calories, plus have a lot of fun!
  6. Last but not least all that present wrapping ahead of you can be more productive than your think, one hour of present wrapping can burn up to 120 calories.

So get cleaning, walking, ice skating and dancing to get your festive calories wrapped up!

Merry Christmas to all from the Valley Leisure team.


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