A simple way to help fight diabetes!

With world Diabetes Day earlier this week on the 14th November, we thought we would look into some easy ways to help reduce your risk of being affected by the condition.

Whilst it is a myth that sugar consumption itself directly fuels Diabetes, there are still strong intrinsic links between the two- with sugar heavily impacting obesity statistics, which in turn impacts Diabetes prevalence.

So, one simple way to help fight this problem is by swapping out sugar in everyday meals- often in places you wouldn’t even notice! Here are some that will barely affect your day to day life:

1. An obvious and easy way to start is by replacing your fizzy drink needs with diet or sugar free options. A regular 330ml can of coke tends to have 10.6g of sugar in it- that’s 39% of your daily recommended amount! Either diet or sugar free option reduces that down all the way to zero.


2. Fancy something sweet to keep you going? Instead of a Chocolate bar with 20g of sugar in it, how about a slice of toast with some Nutella for half the sugar intake!


3. In need of a hearty soup to keep you warm over the winter months? Replace some standard Heinz cream of tomato soup with a Low Calorie Mushroom soup from Campbell’s- which has only a fifth of the sugar content (2g).


4. Breakfast Time! But instead of a sugary bowl of cereal, how about a healthy replacement such as Porridge or whole grain produce which can help to slowly release energy throughout the day- with little to no sugar involved in the process!


5. Replace your added sugars in your morning tea & coffee’s with sugar replacements such as Splenda, Agave Nectar, Truvia or even Honey. These, depending on how much sugar you take with your brew, will help to reduce your daily intakes greatly- and these things build up quickly! Just imagine how many Tea’s or Coffee’s you have each month!


Of course, replacing sugar where possible is just one way of helping to reduce your risk of obesity or Diabetes- with regular  exercise also being an essential part of this process.

Not sure where to start?

At Valley Leisure we will help you every step of the way once you become a member– with free dietary plans being presented alongside the regular gym routine plans on offer!



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