The Active Community Coffee Morning

On October 8th, Andover Leisure Centre were honoured to play host to a hugely successful charity Coffee Morning, raising over £130 for MacMillan Cancer Support.

The event kicked off with a fantastic educational presentation from our very own Liz Murray, teaching the Elderly the benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle, and that even later in life, it is not too late to feel the benefits of becoming more active.

The guests enjoyed coffee and cake whilst the presentation was made, and afterwards were invited to take a Tour of the venue by Andover Leisure Centre Staff. After seeing the facilities, many guests were inspired into taking up the offer of a 7 day free pass at the centre, giving them the opportunity to act on the message of living a healthy and active lifestyle, provided in the presentation. In total, 70 people attended, and an impressive 30 signed on for a free pass follow up.

Also on site was Sammy Meredith, who was able to provide 50 interested guests a free Later Life health ‘MOT’, recommended and provided by the BHF National Centre for Physical Activity. This helped raise awareness of the abilities and needs of the guests on site, and was received well as a beneficial educational tool. The Later Life MOT is a new person centred tool that uses a number of different functional fitness tests to determine older persons fitness levels compared to their peers.

All of this was provided as part of the National Campaign ‘Start Active, Stay Active!’, a scheme aimed at increasing the wellbeing of elderly or at risk individuals through the provision of education on the benefits of an active lifestyle. One key component of this is the Achieve 150 initiative, which teaches that 150 minutes of moderate exercise, or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week can help achieve the recommended activity rates.

By achieving this target, people can expect to experience benefits in various ways, such as Health improvements, high quality of sleep, maintenance of weight, stress management and an improved quality of life!

Our favourite example of these benefits brought through by the scheme came from Jane Trim, who was been attending Zumba Gold at the Centre. Since joining in January, she has been able to withdraw her need for medication for her diabetes. We are delighted for Jane and we are greatly looking forward to seeing more stories like this at Andover Leisure Centre in the near future.

Watch out for many more Coffee Morning’s like this soon!


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