Burn Calories, Not Fuel!

October 2016 is National ‘Walk to School’ Month for over 40 Countries across the Globe, and there is plenty of reason for you to get involved in the scheme!

The scheme, started 85 years ago by Living Streets, aims to help maintain a healthy and active lifestyle for both children and parents in the modern world- where perhaps the easiest option would be to drive everywhere instead.

We love this initiative, and believe the idea of families and even whole communities leaving the cars at home and walking to school where possible is valuable to the education of children on healthy living- as well as the obvious health benefits that come with it.

The average walking distance to school now is around 1.6 miles for Primary school children, which is easily walkable in around 25 minutes at a reasonable pace. Yes, this does take slightly longer than a car would, but on a school run traffic usually does tend to be an issue, and it seems a waste of fuel- doesn’t it?


So let’s do some calculations quickly, for an average journey to school, it costs around £0.18p for each way- so that’s £0.36p per journey. Do that twice daily and that £0.72p. 5 times a week, that’s £3.60p. Starting to sound like a lot?

Well, over a year of school trips, on average, around £136.80p is spent on petrol for simply a 1.6 mile trip to school and back. That’s a lot of money for something that is easily avoidable. For secondary school it’s even worse! The average trip is 3.4 miles here, so that equates to over £270 worth of petrol money per year!


The benefit to a child’s health when walking to school is huge too! It is recommended that children get around 1 hour of physical activity per day, in order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Walking just 1 mile per day to school can account for 2/3’s of this! This is especially crucial when 23% of children don’t have any time for physical activity at the moment. By just walking to school, it can combat this problem directly with very little effect on the structure of the day.


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