Get Your Rigs out!

Here at Andover Leisure Centre, we love a bit of new equipment to get our hands on. It’s always exciting having the opportunity to explore new exercises and their potential health benefits- as well the novelty of using modern or even futuristic technology.

The way we exercise and stay fit is ever changing, too. Which is why it’s essential to keep one step ahead of the game, identifying trends and new workout routines, and ensuring our instructors are at hand to provide expert advice on how best to utilise them.

Today, we take a look into our recently installed piece of equipment at the Leisure Centre, The Functional Training Area- or more commonly referred to as ‘The Rig’.

The Rig provides enthusiastic gym goers with the opportunity to try out something a bit different, and add new and adventurous exercises to their routine. The rig targets a specific new style of fitness which is ever growing in popularity, revolving around functional strength, with links to body weight exercises in particular.

Great for Beginners-

One important thing to remember is that it can be used by people with a wide range of different needs and abilities, which our Fitness Co-ordinator Al Darmanin was more than happy to demonstrate, alongside some of our lovely members. The unit can be used for more common and less strenuous exercises, which can be performed by members of all abilities. Such examples include Pull ups (which can be assisted through use of resistance bands), Triceps dips, Rows, Squats and Sit-ups- some of which have been demonstrated below.


Exploring Potential-

Once mastered, these exercises can be explored further, and improvised in order to create adventurous new movements, pushing the body to new limits. Al has spent many years becoming proficient in such activities, and was eager to show off just how much potential The Rig holds for those willing to practice their craft in the gym in the longer term.


Each of these exercises utilises the body weight of the individual, and directly builds strength in proportion to this weight. Many athletes and gym users have used their ability in comparison to body weight to use as a key measure in ensuring that they are hitting their desired goals, and maintaining functional fitness to use in everyday life.

Why don’t you come and explore it too, with a 7 Day Pass?


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