Top Tips: Don’t be fooled

Top Tip 1: Alcohol = liquid sugar

This is a tough one for most of us, especially with the summer BBQs, holidays and socialising. The occasional tipple is fine, but regular drinking has negative effects on your health, such as an expanding waist line, your skin losing its glow and that lethargic hangover that follows. The more you drink, the greater the risk to your long term health.

By cutting back on alcohol you will feel your energy levels increase, along with a range of long-term health benefits. New national guidelines from the NHS state that ‘regularly drinking more than 14 unites a week risks damaging your health’.

Top Tip 2: Running for fitness – Couch to 5K

One of the most popular ways to keep fit is by running. Couch to 5K is a government led programme free on NHS Choices.

If you have decided to take on the challenge of Couch to 5K, you are probably making a commitment to becoming more active and leading a healthier lifestyle. Plan your week, try and get yourself into a routine and you WILL see results. Make sure you are eating healthily and avoid having a large meal within two hours of your run. A light snack, such as a banana before running is fine.

A great way to track your progress is through photos. Take a ‘before’ photo at the start of your challenge, and an ‘after’ image once the programme has ended weeks later. You can also measure your inch-loss each week to maintain momentum.

Keep going, and remember that it’s never too late to shake up your routine.

Health tips from the Valley Leisure Team


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