Tuesday Tips: Cut it out

Top Tip 1: Avoid (or cut back on) refined sugar

Start with the obvious sweets, cakes and fizzy drinks, or that sneaky sugar in your tea or coffee. You don’t have to go cold turkey overnight, just gently limit the amount you eat over a period of time and occasionally treat yourself. Too much sugar stores fat, and can imbalance hormones, attribute to age, onset diabetes and many more ailments.
Top Tip 2: Move more
Exercise does not start and finish in the gym, studio class or pool. The government recommended amount of exercise per week is 150 minutes of moderate exercise for adults. This can be split into 5x 30 minutes or 2x 60 minutes and 1x 30 minutes. The best way to organise yourself is to plan ahead. Try to get yourself into a regular routine so for example, exercising every Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.

If you can’t make it to the gym for whatever reason, exercise at home. Go for a 30 minute walk or march on the spot for 5 minute intervals if you have been sitting for a long time. A pedometer can be a useful tool to boost your fitness programme and measure your steps each day, helping you to set daily goals and try to achieve a personal best each time.

You can also ask the fitness team for an exercise plan to do at home in short bursts for the days you cannot make the gym.


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