Can you lose fat by restricting your meal times?

We’ve done a little digging into this, and through BBC Two’s ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’ series, it appears that the times we eat throughout the day can have a substantial effect on our bodies.

In the original experiment, 16 volunteers were recruited, and had their body fat, blood sugar, blood fat and cholesterol levels measured at the start of the study. The measuring tool throughout this was conducted through two groups – A and B. Group A carried out their normal daily routine for the next 10 weeks, whereas Group B were asked to make their breakfast time 90 minutes later, and their dinner time 90 minutes earlier.

At the end of the 10 weeks, Group B – who had restricted their mealtimes, showed a significantly healthier change in fasting blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as also losing body fat.

How has this happened?

According to the study, fasting is good for our health. It allows the cells in the body to go into a ‘repair’ state rather than a ‘growth’ state. This simply means that if we lengthen the ‘mini fasts’ we have every night, our body-clock can prepare for night-time fasting earlier, which affects our blood sugar and fat levels.

This isn’t to say that we need to stick to a rigid regime, but if we CAN eat a later breakfast or an earlier dinner, then we should try to.


For more information or to view the original article, please click here.


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