Carolyn, 53, melts our chocolate gym challenge!

This Easter we organised a very special gym challenge at Andover Leisure Centre – The Easter Chocolate Challenge. The challenge didn’t actually involve eating the chocolate (unfortunately) but rather burning it off.

Five Easter choccies were  chosen, all with various calorie values. The challenge was simple: burn off the calories of all five chocolates and win some cinema tickets. Okay…sounds simple…but its not.


Out of everyone who entered the challenge, one came out on top. Carolyn Lane, 53, a member at Andover Leisure Centre was our only member who completed this tough challenge.

It was Carolyn’s first ever gym challenge and she managed to burn off a whopping 2064 calories to complete it and win the cinema tickets. With support from her friends and Ryan and Al from the gym team, Carolyn peddled and ran her way through our chocolate challenge board and proved that she could do it.

From all of us at Valley Leisure, congratulations on this awesome achievement – enjoy your movie!

The challenge may be over in our gym, but you can still give it a go for yourself!

  • Thornton’s Easter egg: 829 (Carolyn completed this in two parts, 429  + 402)
  • Milky Bar Easter egg: 404
  • Mini eggs: 444 (This was Carolyn’s toughest challenge which she completed on the treadmill)
  • Cadbury’s Crème Egg: 177
  • Lindt Gold Bunny: 210

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