How much sugar is really in my snacks?


Sugar has become the industry’s favourite point of conversation within recent months, hitting the headlines with bold statements on the impact sugar is having on obesity levels within the UK.

Sugar is impossible to avoid, it is in practically everything. But there are definitely some little changes you can make to ensure that you are controlling your daily intake.

Firstly, download Change 4 Life’s Sugar Swap app. This app is seriously shocking, yet incredible at the same time. Just one chocolate bar or fizzy drink can equate to an adult’s daily sugar amount, so it isn’t surprising to know that we, as a nation are going over our limit.

Don’t be fooled by high-street favourites like Costa and Starbucks either, recent information leaked into the media suggests that an average coffee with flavoured syrup can include 7 cubes of sugar, with some increasing to a whopping 20 cubes of sugar in just one cup. For more information or to see the guide, click the link here.

Here are a few examples of what you can find on the Change 4 Life Sugar Swaps app.



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