Pancake Day – get your health fix

One of our favourite days of the year is just around the corner – Shrove Tuesday – or better known as Pancake Day!
This is the one day a year we treat ourselves to pancakes for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert. Whether you’re as mad about pancakes as the Americans, or you’re a traditionalist to Shrove Tuesday, we have searched far and wide to find the best and healthiest pancake options for you.

1) Switch it up
Make some basic changes to make your batter mix healthier. Use soya milk or skimmed milk rather than full-fat, wholemeal flour rather than white and swap the white sugar for brown.
2) Go for a classiclemon.jpg
Nothing can beat the classic pancake drizzled in lemon and sugar – just the way we like it here in Britain. Remember to use brown sugar rather than white, or alternatively you could use a form of sweetener such as Stevia, or even honey. These pancakes would go great with added fruits such as strawberries, or delve into the French version and make a Crepe Suzette.


3) Go Bananas
Why not twist it up and add bananas? You could use this to make your batter – our lovely Every Body Active Co-Ordinator Lorna suggests just using eggs and mashed banana as your batter (no flour, sugar etc.), or alternatively just mash it up on top.  We recommend adding a dash of honey or peanut butter.pancakebanana.jpg


4) Dip-it-in
If you’re a bit of a chocaholic and trying to live a healthier lifestyle, Pancake Day may seem a bit daunting to you, but do not fear, we have the perfect solution. Dip some strawberries in some dark chocolate (we advise with the highest cocoa content that you can manage – ideally 70%+ to rake in those health benefits). This way you’re adding to your nutrients whilst also getting that treat.


5) Go all American
If traditional English pancakes aren’t your thing, then you can always trfood-healthy-pancakes-Favim_com-532278y the classic American style pancake – which can be made with the same alternative ingredients, just simply add baking powder! This is that special ingredient that will make them all light and fluffy.


6) Savour-yourself-silly
If you have more of a savoury tooth, then you can always opt for a savoury pancake. This sounds completely bizarre, but seriously do not knock it until you try it! Stack your pancakes full of goodness and create some flavour-popping masterpieces with vegetable fajitas, carrot and chickpeas, or why not try incorporating some of your favourites?recipe-image-legacy-id--1425_12

*Don’t forget that if you’re looking to gain muscle, you can incorporate protein powders in your pancakes. Click this link to have a look at some great protein pancake recipes.


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