Charity Events 2016

You hear the term ‘charity event’ and you’re automatically associated with the classic runs, marathons or cycling races. But if you’re looking for something a little different, then look no further – we have searched far and wide to bring you the weirdest, quirkiest and most comfortable ways to get involved, take part and raise money for some great causes.

Macmillan’s Coffee Morning/Night-in

You may have seen the advertisements for Macmillan’s coffee morning campaign, which will be officially taking place on 25th of September. We say ‘officially’, because this is an event that can be held any time throughout the year. You can sign up online, grab some friends and host your own, or alternatively attend a public event near you.macmillanlogo

Alternatively, if you aren’t a morning person, then you could always partake in Macmillan’s Night-In. Grab your girls, some cocktails and the classic chick-flicks and enjoy a night in, whilst doing your part for charity.

Zombie Evacuation

If you’ve already planned what you’ll do in a zombie apocalypse (don’t pretend you haven’t), or are looking for a more unconventional fun run, then why not take part in a Zombie Evacuation Race?zombie-4.jpg

This is a 5k run, and each ‘evacuee’ starts with 3 lifebelts and your aim is to prevent those merciless zombies from hypothetically biting you 3 times. When you reach the safe zone at the end of the course you will be recognised as either a survivor (with at least one life belt) or infected (no lifebelts).

This seems like a pretty crazy and fun way to give to charity, and even better, you can choose from a range of charities. The only downside is there are limited locations.

Fight for Survival

If you think you’re fit enough to be a marine or you just love a challenge, then sign up for The Commando Series obstacle. Based in Kent, this course is an endurance challenge which mirrors exact replicas of the Royal Marine Commando Training CentreCommando-289.jpg including the dreaded Sheep Dip and dark Castle caves. What makes it even more unique, is that you have the opportunity to camp overnight, take a survival training course and learn how to hunt, build shelters and make fires. All proceedings go to the Royal Marine’s Charitable Trust Fund.

Pretty Muddymuddy6-720x536.jpg

Here come the girls! Pretty Muddy is an 5k or 10k obstacle course packed full of fun, laughs and lots of mud. Set up by Cancer Research UK, this type of course is a more fun, light-hearted way to partake in their charity events rather than the classic runs. Cancer Research have added even more locations this year, so you’ll be sure to find an event near you.

Walk it

If high-intense sports aren’t your thing, then why not attend a walk? Walking is a great way to stay active, get outdoors and it will bememorywalk.jpg even more rewarding if you are doing it for a good cause! Many charities hold walking events, from Alzheimer’s Society to British Heart Foundation, our advice would be to research a charity close to your heart and see if they have one of these events on.



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