Top 5 trends for 2016

We’re putting 2015 behind us, and starting fresh. We won’t be as cliché to say “new year, new me” but we will taking a peek into the top trends for 2016, so you can make this year your best yet.

1) Miracle of Minerals

When we hear the word minerals, we immediately associate it with vitamins, but according to research, minerals will be taking the limelight this year.

According to the NHS*, minerals are essential to build strong bones and teeth, control body fluids and turn the food you eat into energy. They also have an affect on stress and sleeplessness. Pretty important right?

“Remineralising” will become a hot trend in 2016, which ensures our bodies are getting all the goodness of magnesium (the key ingredient to obtain sleep and balance stress-levels). This can be done either by taking supplements, using magnesium oils and sprays, or by soaking in Epsom salts.


2) Fat is back

The world went crazy in 2015 after the revelation that ‘low-fat’ products may actually be more unhealthy than the full-fat stuff*. Obviously, we aren’t suggesting you run straight to the nearest Tesco’s and start buying all the cheesecakes, you still have to be aware of the different type of fats and eat them in reasonable quantities. But don’t be fooled into thinking “fat-free” is better, we recommend looking for naturally full-fat, good-for-you products e.g. nuts and yoghurts.

3) Drink your way to glowingSingle-Bottle-Leaves

Beauty-boosting beverages are becoming the new craze for 2016. Packed with nutrients and elixirs containing super-food ingredients and antioxidants, these type of products help promote a healthy glow, fight acne and even prevent the signs of ageing.

Big retailers including Amazon and Urban Outfitters have already spotted this internationally, with brands such as Holland & Barrett taking reigns on the UK with the launch of ‘Overhang’, a revitalising drink which is apparently the cure of all hangovers!*

4) Oil-me-up

Cleansing oils have become more apparent in the UK within recent years, but they’re predicted to peak in 2016. Back in April 2015, Women’s Health blessed us with the 5 tips to change your skin forever (girls if you haven’t ditched the face wipes yet, make it your New Year’s resolution!). So why are cleansing oils becoming increasingly popular?

According to research, the right facial oil can help nourish, moisturise and cleanse your skin. Women’s Health* state that dry skin will drink up the extra moisture while combination or oily skin will benefit from healing and soothing ingredients. And all skin types will enjoy the anti-ageing properties: sounds like a win, win to us!

5) Mindfulness


“Working out isn’t about chasing a dress size or for appearances, it’s about easing anxiety and feeling stronger.” – Lena Dunham (comedian & Instagram star)

This is probably the biggest trend, and the one we hope to come true. 2016 will entail ditching the scales, and looking within to find self-confidence, worth and wellbeing. We’re loving Well + Good’s review on this.


What are minerals?
Buy Overhang here
Women’s Health: Facial Cleansing Oils

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