Yoga – An effective stress relief for a modern world


One of our Valley Leisure members had a chat with us about how yoga has changed his life – read his story below:

Five years ago I became totally overwhelmed by pressures at work, more so than ever before. I had suffered from bouts of excessive stress in my working life before and they had manifested themselves as IBS, anxiety and mild depression but never to such an intensity as this.

Over a matter of weeks the challenges of the past seemed to come crashing through my barriers and I collapsed completely. My hair began to fall out, I couldn’t sleep, I shook uncontrollably at night, lost my appetite, cried a lot and all manner of other strange symptoms took over.

I sought help from a number of support groups and my wife bought me a six week subscription at the local sports centre. I tried a lot of different classes but once I started yoga; for the first time in a long while I found I looked forward to something. Yoga can be so much more than just an exercise class.

I had always been fascinated by Eastern philosophy and this seemed to bring together their ideas into a physical practice.

I had at last found a small place of peace in my mind and, over time I learned to relax again.  The spiritual side, discipline and postures did far more than just exercise my muscles; they freed me from my worries and helped calm the raging elephants that were stampeding around in my head.

Yoga was not the only tool I found that helped me create some level of peace but it was and continues to be a major component in my tool kit that I regularly use to create space in the ongoing pressures of life.

I cannot adequately thank the teachers that helped me over the last few years for taking the time to listen to me, support me and share their experience, practice and enthusiasm.

Yoga is a path I now choose to walk upon.  As I travel through my life, I may loose my way again but I know that the path is there.  I have learned to recognise when I’ve strayed and to return to the path before I become lost.

To all of you who are suffering I suggest you try yoga.  It was the right path for me to follow and it may be for you too.

For information about our yoga classes and to view our timetables for Romsey Rapids Sports Complex and Andover Leisure Centre, please visit:


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