Find out how you can use the latest in gym technology!

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When Valley Leisure started in the 1990s, fitness trends and fads were all the rage and many of the products that we have today were just glimmers in people’s eyes. From aerobics to Tae bo to bodybuilding, the sights of muscle beach were hitting the UK in a spandex clad wave.

Some aspects of the 90s have stood the test of time at Valley Leisure with our exercise classes and Fitness Expos being more popular than ever. We are glad to say though that we have shed the leotards and have taken the advancements that the years have brought in our strides – be they technological or fashionable.

The gym at Romsey Rapids Sports Complex

People love saying “I liked that before it was cool,” and with technology evolving every week, consumers want more and more of the next best thing months before it’s even released. The biggest conventions around the world have all been talking about one thing – Virtual Technology, and tech giants such as Samsung and Playstation are bringing out brand new headsets and products that react with your body, sending you into a virtual reality.

Over the past year we have brought this technology into our gyms in the form of Virtual Active. Virtual Active equipment has been installed at the Andover Leisure Centre and Romsey Rapids Sports Complex gyms. Equipment includes treadmills, cross trainers, upright bikes and hybrid bikes.

The installation and use of Virtual Active equipment takes the boredom out of working out in a gym. Using Virtual Active equipment transports you from the gym to a variety of beautiful and iconic destinations such as Italy, Vancouver, California, and Chicago.

The gym at Andover Leisure Centre

The new kit provides cinema quality video-based cardio workouts, enhancing the customer’s virtual experience.

All equipment in the gym is made by the innovative designers at Matrix, and can be used by all Valley Leisure members who have been through an induction programme to show them how to use the gym safely.

An unthinkable concept 25 years ago has now become reality – well a virtual one…

You can now try all of our Virtual Active products along with all of our classic exercise classes FOR FREE when you claim a 7 Day membership pass online. Claim you FREE pass here.

Alternatively, join now and get your first two months membership for the discounted price of £25. Call 01264 347100 for Andover Leisure Centre and 01794 830333 for Romsey Rapids Sports Complex to enquire.


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