Holiday soon? Here’s some advice from a Fitness Instructor

New Gym Equipment 18.12.13 004Hi everyone, I’m currently a fitness instructor for Valley Leisure. I get asked all the time: “How can I loose weight and tone up? I’ve got a holiday coming up in two or three weeks.” I think the key thing to understand is that you have left it a little late for that perfect beach body, but all hope is not lost as there are some big differences that you can make to how you look and feel. Now, I understand that everyone is different and that we are all made up of different genetics, so what may suit one person might not suit another. I tailor my programs to the individual and will discuss training objectives and nutritional values to you before that lovely holiday you wish to embark on.

Recently, a few of our members that I created tailored programs for shared that they had lost over a stone and dropped body fat within the two weeks before their holiday, leaving them not just looking good, but feeling good too.

Nutrition is a minefield, but simple to get right with a few pointers.

  • Fasted cardio works if applied right
  • Eating little and often works
  • Keep hydrated
  • Cut down on sugars and processed food
  • If you are going to drop carbs then essential fats and proteins must be included in your diet.

It is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, but with only two to three weeks you need to tailor the right exercise to you. Low intensity, long duration on CV equipment is a good fat burner if you have time, but as we all know with these last minute ‘get fit quick’ plans, we need to up that intensity.

Group exercise is a fantastic way to hit the body at all angles as it gives you that variable intensity and HIIT training that boosts fat burning long after you leave the gym or class.

All of this is achievable if you have the right mind-set and are positive from the start… sometimes all it takes is a little push in the right direction. If you have a holiday coming up and you need a little direction come see our fitness teams situated at Andover Leisure Centre and Romsey Rapids Sports Complex.

We look forward to seeing you,

Al Darmanin


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