The benefits of an early morning workout

male and female jogging outside

We’ve all been there…lying in a sleepless state at midnight, brain on overdrive thinking about all of the awkward situations that you’ve been in, how badly you ate today and how much you should really exercise. You say to yourself: “Tomorrow is the day! Tomorrow morning I will get up at 6am and take a run…OR swim! The possibilities! Yes…tomorrow is the day I change!” As 6am approaches and your all snug in your cosy cave of warmth and dreaminess, the alarm you set goes off…and back onto snooze again. We’re not all morning people, but maybe we could be.

Here are some of the benefits of getting your exercise in early.

  1. Zero Traffic: If you plan on heading outdoors for your early morning run, you will find that the streets and roads are much quieter. Not only can you just get on with your run, but no traffic means that you are less affected by air pollution from passing cars. BONUS!
  2. Quiet gym, quiet swim: Not one to go outdoors? Not only are the roads quieter, but gyms and swimming pools are often less busy too so you can get on with your workout with ease.
  3. A constant routine: Busy social and work life? Starting an early morning exercise routine gives your mind and body consistency. You may have planned to hit the gym after work, but we all know that things can get in the way (ie. tiredness, evening plans, extra workload). Committing your workout to the morning guarantees that it will happen.
  4. Better night’s sleep: Those who work out in the morning instead of evening are also more likely to sleep better. Exercise releases endorphins which give you an energy boost – which will wake you up in the morning, and keep you up at night.
  5. Added brain power: Research has found that those who exercise in the morning are more likely to stay focused for up to 10 hours! This means increased productivity and energy, alongside the feeling of being generally more accomplished.
  6. Keeping up the good work: Those who work out in the morning are more likely to eat better during the day. This is because their morning workout left them feeling so good that they didn’t want to spoil what they have already achieved, thus resulting in them eating healthier throughout the day.

If you are thinking of taking up early morning exercise (and don’t fancy heading outside), remember that the Andover Leisure Centre swimming pool is now open on weekdays from 6.15am, and the Rapids pool is open from 6.45am.

The main gyms at The Rapids and Andover Leisure Centre are both open from 6am. For a full list of opening times, visit our website.


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