Fitness Expo 2015: An overview!


That’s it! Another Fitness Expo done and dusted for another year, and 2015 was host to one of our greatest yet. This year’s Valley Leisure Fitness Expo gave members the chance to show off all that they have achieved over the past few weeks, months and years.

The afternoon kicked off with the power lifting competitions. The amount of skill and strength that our members showed was incredible, and although he did not win the competition, Clifford Richards, 36 from Andover sent the room into silence when he attempted to beat his personal weight lifting goals. The competition was tough and all involved did themselves proud with many beating their own personal goals, but the overall powerlifting winner was the incredibly impressive Phil Nosko.

IMG_1148Also happening throughout the day was the fitness challenge which saw months of training in practice as our members took on the ‘Spartan 300’ challenge. Coming in a series of levels, this timed challenge involves an series of reps on different pieces of functional equipment including deadlifts, box jumps and pull-ups. Our Spartans really gave this challenge their best and all were worthy of their certificates – well done to all!

IMG_1082 IMG_1123 IMG_1126 After the power lifting and fitness challenge awards presentation, the whole gym was geared up in anticipation for the bodybuilding show. With a room full of family and friends, the competitors were welcomed to a sea of applause which definitely calmed the nerves (especially for those who had not done anything like this before). The show was made up of four groups of three, the over 40’s, the juniors, the women’s and the physique section. Our members had to come out in their groups and perform a series of moves that show off different areas of the body; the judges then compared them to each other to help determine who their winners could be. Each of our bodybuilders also performed individually to music of their choice to further display what they had achieved, and although every single one of them did brilliantly, the judges had to pick their winners. And here they are:

IMG_1349 IMG_1304 IMG_1293 IMG_1242

Clockwise: 1st Place Women’s – Sofia Latta, 1st Place Physique – Petr Dusbabek, 1st Place Juniors and overall winner – Jake Lemon, 1st Place Over 40’s – Chris Yates.

This year’s expo was incredibly impressive and everyone that took part or helped out on the day should be very proud of themselves. The amount of talent that walked through on Saturday was staggering and it really went to show just how much you can achieve if you put your mind to it. Until next year…!

To everyone that took part, if you would like a full set of your own images that were taken during the event, please email


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