Train your brain!

Exercise and nutrition are key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle – that’s obvious. As well as physical changes such as weight loss and toning, a balanced diet and exercise has been proven to maintain your brain health. Regular exercise is vital for brain function, and doing this increases the blood flow to the brain, supplying it with more oxygen. Partaking in just 20minutes of exercise a day can help toward maintaining a healthy brain, here are a few tips for you to follow – no matter your age!

Take a break! Keira Grimison

It’s exam season for many teenagers around the UK, and no doubt they will be filling their brains with knowledge every evening for the next few months. Sitting with your head in a physics book for 2 hours straight might seem like the best way to revise, but doing this can often have the opposite effect on how we retain information. This way of revising can prove to be heavily distracting (especially if you are working on a computer) and you can often find yourself in the weird part of YouTube with your hand in a share bag of crisps…we’ve all been there. It is known that short bouts of exercise can improve brain power, so to counteract this, you should aim to take 15 – 20 minute breaks of light exercise every so often whilst revising/working to help you clear your mind and get the blood pumping. If you’re a teen and need some time out from your revision, we offer Teen Fitness course at The Rapids and Andover Leisure Centre – want to know more? Visit HERE.

Stop the sedentary lifestyleIMG_8852

Those who have stayed active throughout their lives naturally have a healthier brain. It is these people who may become less likely to develop memory problems which often appear in your 60s and 70s. But it’s never too late to start exercising to help towards preventing these issues. Once again, it’s all about taking some time out to hit the recommended 150minutes of weekly exercise. Here at Valley Leisure, we have the Everybody Active programme which offers a range of support sessions for people who have been referred to exercise by their GP, practice nurse or physio. It helps with the treatment of back pain, falls prevention, stroke rehabilitation and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease management. Find out more HERE.

Try something newSit up

Although a vital component in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, doing exercise can be monotonous and boring. To help with this, why not take up a new sport or exercise skill. Taking up a new activity – take dance for example – requires a lot of hand eye co-ordination. Not only does it get the blood pumping to the brain, but it works it at the same time as you are trying to memories which steps and moves come next. If you want to try something new, we have a great range of exercise classes available at The Rapids, Andover Leisure Centre and Knightwood Leisure Centre that help pump your blood and work your brain! View our timetables on our website.

Make exercise a regular fixture in your schedule by becoming a Valley Leisure member HERE. Gain access to a range of activities including golf, swimming, studio classes, access to the gym and more!


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