Tips and Trends: A February Overview

Welcome to the second instalment of our monthly overview of the months top fitness tips and trends. Often with a change of season comes a change of lifestyle. As we enter spring, days are getting longer (FINALLY!), temperatures are slowly but surely rising and our moods are lifting. So as we enter these lighter days, what are the top trends that are currently poking through the clouds.

nutsGo nuts!

We’re not just talking about any old nuts, these are activated nuts which are basically regular old nuts that have been soaked in salted water and dehydrated; this is a process activates the nutrients in the nut that are not so easily absorbed into the body. The easier option may be to just buy activated nuts online, but why not try it yourself! To do this you must pick your nut of choice and leave the amount you want in a bowl of salt and water for 12 hours (note, if it is a soft nut, reduce the amount of time you soak it for). Once soaked, transfer the nuts to a baking tray and cook in the oven for 12 – 24hours on 60degrees. Once the day and a half long process is over, you can experiment with seasonings and enjoy!

HIIT-600x363Try a HIIT Class!

Did you know that HIIT Classes burn nine times more fat than steady rate exercise? Well no wonder it’s trending this month. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and involves doing short bursts of high intensity training followed by rest periods. Each session can range from 4minutes to 30minutes making it perfect for busy business types who are looking to use their lunch breaks for exercise.

Exercise your brainbrain-training

Close the door on winter fatigue by training your brain; becoming more focused at work can make you feel more energised and get your tasks done quicker. Alongside your recommended 150minutes of weekly exercises, doing some simple brain training exercises can make you less tired and make you feel more energised. We suggest you try these five exercises we found online.

Here are just three of this month’s trends and tips, why not give them a try and let us know how you get on by messaging us on Facebook and twitter.

Photos used in this article can be found: Nuts, HIIT, Homer.


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