The Trend That Bends!


If you have opened up a magazine or newspaper this week you would have definitely seen the word ‘Yoga’ spread out across one of the pages. It’s back, and is one of the biggest trends of 2015 so far, Yoga is relaxing the nation. But what’s so great about the trend that bends?

A natural way of beating stress

After a busy week at work or at home the stress levels will most likely be much higher than usual. But instead of drowning your sorrows with a large glass of red, or baking and eating half a dozen cupcakes (we’ve all been there…) it might be time to get motivated and try something new that both de-stresses you and excited the senses. The exercises performed in yoga allow you to breathe easy and most importantly relieve the tension in your body and your brain.

Aids in body regulation

As studied by the Massachusetts General Hospital (2013, source: Daily Mail, 2015) the three yoga elements of postures, breathing and meditation produce an immediate change in immune function, energy metabolism and insulin secretion which can help regulate blood sugar. Like many cardio based exercises, yoga also lowers cholesterol at a similar level; the breathing and relaxation exercises that are found in yoga trigger the body to release hormones that decrease heart rate, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

Tool for toning

Not only does yoga de-stress and regulate, it also provides you with a great calorie burning exercise. Did you know that an hour of Ashtanga Yoga can burn off up to 350 calories? That’s equivalent to a Snickers (250 calories) and most of a can of Pepsi (150 calories)! As well as burning serious calories, yoga focuses on the entire body to ensure full body toning. In stretching and yoga poses, the body can become more flexible and toned.

If you’re still wondering what this trend is all about, or are intrigued by its benefits, make sure to book onto one of our many yoga classes that we have running at Andover Leisure Centre and The Rapids. Full timetables can be found at


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