Tone up at our studio classes!

It seems like everyone is going to the gym lately and no matter how universal gyms are, there will always be a stereotype connected to the people who regularly go that can put others off. Like many stereotypes, the muscle beach image is long outdated (in Britain anyway), but if you are one of those who is still intimidated by the gym, look no further than the studio. Here at Valley Leisure we have a huge range of studio classes available; here are three of our classes that are great for burning calories and toning those key areas.

Tabata Andover Leisure Centre 6


This Latin American inspired dance workout is a fun and energetic way to target your whole body and blast calories. Zumba is a fantastic form of cardio that won’t end in you struggling to pull yourself off of the treadmill because you will be having way too much fun smiling whilst gaining similar benefits to what you might get in the gym.

Pure Tone

Pure Tone uses functional exercises (the use of kettle bells, weights and more) to boost metabolism and burn fat. The exercises will challenge, strengthen and tone the body, all whilst blasting those problem areas – I’m talking muffin tops and bingo wings.

Abs Blast

Abs blast does what it says on the tin. It will tone, shape and work your abdominal muscles through different techniques that strengthen your core and your back. If it is your tummy that you want to tuck but you feel uncomfortable working it in a busy gym, this class is definitely for you.

Above are just a small selection of the mid/high intensity classes that we have on offer at The Rapids and Andover Leisure Centre. For full timetables please visit the ‘Plan your visit’ section of the website.

All are welcome to classes, however Valley Leisure members get access to them free of charge. To find out more about our memberships visit our website HERE.


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