Tips and Trends: A January Overview

Welcome to our new monthly feature which shows a rundown of the top fitness trends, tips and campaigns of the month. The start of a new year always brings the most fitness news and trends to the public eye, and January 2015 has (so far) followed that cycle. Here are a few of the key topics that have been projected this month.


Unless you pre-record all of your shows and skip the adverts, you should have seen Sport England’s new campaign entitles ‘This Girl Can’. The campaign is a celebration of women from up and down the country who love staying active and aren’t afraid to show it. With an advert that would make Sporty Spice proud, ‘This Girl Can’ shows women of all ages, sizes and ethnicities run, dance, sweat and jiggle, all in aid of staying active and not caring what you look like while doing it. This is a great (and inspirational) move by Sport England in the bid to get everyone across the UK moving regularly.

Age-proofing your body

There is no doubt about it that a large amount of people want to stay looking and feeling young when they are getting older; but despite what many movie stars go through to look like they did when they were 25, fad diets and going under the knife certainly isn’t the way to go about it. 2015 is all about looking after your body, the natural way. This article has plenty of tips and small changes that you can ease into your lifestyle without straining yourself. Tips include keeping your digestive system in check by consuming fibre, cutting down (but not eliminating) alcohol from your diet and exercising the muscles that supports your joints.

Is 150 minutes too much?

It is important to stay active, however new research has shown that the government’s activity guidelines are unrealistic. The guidelines currently stand at 150minutes of exercise a week, but there is a debate on whether this is too much (especially for older people). This article expresses how people should be urged to get active and move more, making small increases that benefit more than pushing people to make the current required goal. The main message here (like the previous article) is to try and stay as active as possible by setting realistic goals for you.

Shake it like a superstar, bodyweights and the digital era

So what’s in store for the rest of the year? The Independent has put together a list of what they think is going to be hot in 2015 (which can be found here). From watches that link to your fitness regime Beyoncé style dance classes, fitness trends are going to be a major topic of conversation this year.

So what do you think? Are there any more fitness fads, discussions or tips that you may have heard over the past month? Let us know by tweeting us @ValleyLeisure.


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