Sweet tooth? Its time you tried the ‘Sugar Swap!’

Swap it, Don’t stop it

We all have those moments of indulgence where a single jam donut just can’t be avoided; we can all admit that. A donut once every so often may be okay, but we need to learn how to not make a habit of having these treats; at Valley Leisure, we have been applying Change 4 Life’s ‘Sugar Swaps’. They offer nutrition tips and recipes to help you and your family cut down on sugar intake, and we think their ideas are brilliant, so we’ve come up with a few swaps of our own that you can apply on a daily basis that can help you keep your hands out of the biscuit tin.


Are you a sucker for chocolate based cereals and blueberry muffins for breakfast? It’s time to change your ways! Although firm favourites for many, these breakfast foods will not keep you fuller for longer, instead you should try and have wheat based cereals, porridge, and fruits. Sound plain? We suggest adding cinnamon and honey to your porridge for a little added sweetness without all of the bad stuff, and why not blend your fruit into a smoothie? Our recipe for this green smoothie is both easy and delicious!

smoothie pic

  • Handful of spinach
  • 1 banana
  • Half an apple
  • 2 slices of pineapple
  • Ground walnuts


When you are in a desk based job for the majority of the day, it is all to easy for snacking on sugary snacks to become a staple in day to day life. There are ways around beating this snacking habit, hopefully you would have already made yourself a full filling breakfast that has already stopped you from snacking between 9am and 1pm, but if those hunger pangs just can’t be calmed, there are other snacking alternatives that are much healthier than that packet of crisps and chocolate bar that you’re used to having. Try having some carrot and cucumber sticks with hummus, fruit, or for a more filling option try whole wheat snacks like crackers or biscuits with a low fat cream cheese or hummus spread.


For the days that you decide to have a pudding after your main meal, try to swerve away from sugary chilled deserts, ice-cream and hot puddings. Instead go for a fruit salad, low fat rice pudding, fruit sorbet (great ice-cream alternative) or a yoghurt. These are tasty and sweet alternatives that don’t contain large amounts of sugar.

We urge you to join the ‘Sugar Swap’ revolution and change your and your family’s eating habits for the better. Remember that it is all the small changes that make the big differences.

Want more information on how Valley Leisure can help you on your sugar swap journey? We are holding a ‘Get Active Free Taster Day’ at The Rapids and Romsey Sports Centre on Sunday 28th January which is free for both Valley Leisure members and non-members. For more information visit out events page HERE.


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