Making New Year’s resolutions? Here is how to keep them.

New years resolutions

Happy new year everyone! We’re sure that you have all listed your new year’s resolutions, and we’re almost certain many of you have shared them with your friends (queue the “new year, new me” Facebook updates). With statistics showing that 64% of people in the UK are overweight, it is common that most resolutions rotate around fitness and weight loss. Maintaining a healthy weight and sticking to a balanced diet can prove difficult to most people and many find that their original goal that was set at the start of the year fizzles out as the weeks pass. We have some motivation boosting tips to help you succeed with your resolutions.

Adjust your attitude: To reach the goals that you are setting for yourself you need to break your bad habits. This means getting a little attitude adjustment. Making your new years resolutions doesn’t always mean changing yourself, it’s about changing your choices, so don’t say “new year, new me” say “new year, new lifestyle.”

Set a reasonable goal: It happens every year, we set resolutions and whether its to be more active or to become a social butterfly, we will still end up in a coffee shop with a triple chocolate muffin scrolling through twitter – our original goal is now a distant memory. So how do we stick to these resolutions? Firstly, be reasonable, set goals that will challenge you but are possible to reach. Secondly, give the goal a sell by date, whether it’s a holiday, a wedding or just a personal goal, setting yourself a date will help you to stay on target. Thirdly, set yourself weekly goals; this can help motivate you and keep your weight loss goal fresh in your mind.

Snack swapping: We all over-indulged over Christmas and now we all want to try and eat healthier. One of the best pieces of advice we can offer you is to not go cold turkey (and we don’t mean those Christmas leftovers). If you are trying to cut out chocolate or fizzy drinks completely, you can’t just stop, you need to make these lifestyle choices step by step otherwise you will just cave in and go back to your old habits. Here is where snack swapping comes in handy and Change 4 life have some great snack swapping ideas for the whole family we you can check out HERE.

Make time to stay active: Exercise helps to maintain weight loss, lower blood pressure and enhance mood making it a vital component in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. The NHS guidelines state that adults aged 19 – 64 should partake in 2 ½ hours of moderate intensity aerobic exercise a week. Staying active shouldn’t be difficult, however with modern lifestyles becoming more common many people are finding it hard to find time to exercise. If you can’t face the gym in the early hours, fit your daily exercise in at lunchtime by taking a walk and stretching your legs; this will also break your day up and help towards keeping you motivated (trust us, it really does help!) Alternatively, if you face a short commute to work, cycle or walk there and back to help towards meeting the weekly guidelines.

We wish you the best of luck with your new year goals and we hope that you take these tips on board. Remember that if you are looking for more tips, our fitness instructors at The Rapids and Andover Leisure Centre are always happy to help you out.

All statistics used for this article can be found via the links below:

  • Physical activity guidelines link here
  • UK bodyweight statistics link here

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