Damage Control: Christmas calories


Are you feeling it too? We know we are! Thousands across the country have woken up this morning with an extra unwanted present – and we’re not talking about those ‘days of the week’ socks you received through a gritted smile yesterday – we’re talking about that extra three pounds you’ve put on over the past few days.

There is a level of damage control that needs to take place over the Christmas period, and we know “that pork pie isn’t going to eat itself” but hear us out before you put that slice in your mouth. We have a task for you all, tally up how much you have eaten in the past 2 days, that’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (you can include Boxing Day too) and work out how many calories you have consumed.

We have also put together how many minutes it takes to burn these calories off through certain exercises, so give it a go, get exercising and shake off those calories!

– 1x Mince Pie: 188 calories, 4.8g fat = 21 minutes of jogging.

– 5x Celebrations (sweets): 225 calories, 11g fat = 22 minutes of walking up stairs

– 1/8 Xmas pudding: 333 calories, 5.7g fat = 38 minutes of stationary cycling

– 100g Turkey: 208 calories, 9.73g fat = 22 minutes of badminton

– ½ Cup of Mixed Veg: 55 calories, 0g fat = 4 minutes of football

– 1 Small Cupcake: 199 calories, 8g fat = 22 minutes rowing

– 100g Cheese: 450 calories, 36g fat = 1hour 30 minutes of gymnastics

– ½ Cup of Broccoli: 27 calories, 0g fat = 2 minutes of field hockey

– 100g mixed nuts: 484 calories, 32g fat = 1 hour 35 minutes of weight lifting

– 1 medium potato: 129 calories, 0g fat = 8 minutes 30 seconds of squash

– 1 medium sweet potato: 103 calories, 0g fat = 18 minutes of dancing

– 1/8 Yule Log: 274 calories, 13g fat = 30 minutes of tennis

If you need any advice on how you can burn those Christmas calories, out fitness instructors in the gyms at both Andover Leisure Centre and The Rapids will be more than happy to help. Alternatively, visit our website to find a studio class that works for you HERE.


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