Swimming: The key to a healthy heart.

Many of you reading this would have most likely left school with the ability to swim, however recent statistics show that 45% of children aged between seven and eleven leave primary school unable to swim the length of an average sized pool without an aid. When performed regularly, swimming can hold many health benefits for children and adults and is a vital component in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Swimming is a non-weight bearing, low impact workout making it a great and gentle option for those who have physical limitations or suffer from arthritis. It can also ease muscle and joint pain, improve asthma and cholesterol levels, and lower the risk of diabetes.

Swimming provides you with a full body workout; doing 10 minutes of a butterfly stroke can burn up to 150 calories, that’s a whopping 900 calories an hour! It is currently advised that people go swimming three or four times a week in order to help towards a healthy lifestyle.

It is known that water is quite dense meaning that your whole body must put more effort into the exercise, toning the body and leading to an increase in muscular strength. Swimming also builds endurance and increases heart rate, helping blood flow around the body.

As well as easing muscles and joints, swimming can also ease the mind and reduce stress levels. When muscles in the body are relaxed, strain is taken off of the brain reducing the risk of headaches.

With health benefits like these, swimming is the perfect option for people of all ages and abilities to try out and enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Come on down to The Rapids or Andover Leisure Centre and dive in!



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