Keep the autumn and winter bugs at bay.

We have just entered a rather wet and windy November, and with such a hot summer now behind us, the weather is bringing shocks to our systems with many of us finding ourselves sniffling under our scarves. If you find yourself feeling a little under the weather this autumn/winter time, we have some tips on how you can keep the bugs at bay.


Start your day with wholegrains

Let’s start with breakfast. Wholegrains are a diet staple when you have a cold as they provide vitamins, minerals and fibre, boosting your immune system and giving you energy. Try a hearty bowl of porridge with honey and cinnamon to help you wake up and start your day.

Get vitamin rich!

When you are ill (or if you are looking to avoid illness) it is advised that you eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Look no further than the colour orange. Foods such as carrots, grapefruits and oranges are all full of good stuff that helps fight illness including detoxifiers and vitamins A and C. Focusing on the grapefruit, this low calorie fruit is filled with vitamin C, it also contains the antioxidant lycopene which helps boost your immune system. Looking for a quick fix? Blend all three of these orange fruits and veg together into a vitamin filled smoothie.


Thirsty? Go green!

The key is to stay hydrated and to not go for highly caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee and fizzy drinks. Instead drink plenty of water and give green tea with honey and ginger a go. Green tea is a fantastic antioxidant which should help flush toxins out of your body whilst honey contains antibacterial properties that help boost your immune system. Ginger is packed full of vitamins B, C and E, it also provides zinc adding to its antiviral and antibiotic properties. All three ingredients together make for a tasty and affective medicine.

TIP: Add garlic to your dishes. It is rich in vitamins and minerals giving it strong immunity enhancing properties.

Whether you are suffering from cold and flu, or you just want to boost your immunity against them, don’t let these winter bugs get you down and try some of our home made remedies. Let us know how you get on and tweet us @ValleyLeisure.


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