Strength training and why it is so important

Strength training is a key element of exercise when it comes to meeting multiple fitness goals. It helps you lose and maintain your weight, increase your performance, build a stronger resistance to injury, and help you feel and look better for longer. There are many different ways to approach this area of training, and if the thought of the strength gym scares you, there are multiple studio classes and exercises that you can participate in if you dream of having that body of steel.

Instructor Taking Exercise Class At Gym


Yoga doesn’t just relax you; it provides many benefits to your body when it comes to strength. Yoga positions stretch and strengthen muscles improving flexibility and posture. Poses such as downward dog, upward dog, and the plank pose help towards building upper-body strength whilst standing poses build strength in the hamstrings, abs, and quadriceps.


Similar to yoga, pilates uses a series of positions that uses the muscles and strengthens the whole body. Pilates targets each muscle group evenly by using a mixture of movement including standing, sitting, and lying down ensuring that muscles across the body are worked from different directions, toning the muscles.

Studio Strength

Studio strength is a low impact class that brings a gym environment into the studio. This weights-based group class covers large muscle groups for a full body workout. The moves that you practice in this class are repeated to help both tone and strengthen the body as well as burn more calories through a heightened metabolic rate.

If you are interested in taking a class to help strengthen and tone your body, visit the Valley Leisure website for full timetables from all of our sites.



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