Ladies ‘get their bubble back’ at The Toning Centre, Romsey

Did you know that The Rapids, Romsey has a state of the art Toning Centre with Power Assisted Exercise Equipment?

The Toning Centre at The Rapids, Romsey consists of power assisted exercise equipment that improves fitness, health and wellbeing in a variety of situations.

Power assisted equipment provides users with a comfortable alternative to the gym whilst giving them similar benefits. The machinery moves with the user, allowing them to place their desired amount of pressure and effort into the exercise.

The Toning Tables and chairs form a series of passive exercise machines, suitable for any shape or size. Each machine is designed to target isolated muscles groups through a range of motions, without requiring too much effort by the user – unless desired.

We caught up with two of our Toning Centre members to see just how beneficial this equipment is for them to stay active.


You may recognise Maggie as the young lady who was strapped to a hot air balloon in the 1970’s ‘Nimble’ bread advert!

Maggie is a 73 years young lady who for the last 15 years has had the medical conditions COPD and Osteo-arthritis. Prescription drugs do help to ease the pain and discomfort, but as we know both of these health problems are degenerative.

When the toning centre opened at The Rapids, Mandy (a key member of staff at the Toning Centre) explained the possible relief and suggested that Maggie have a trial. She used the centre daily and after 3 months her annual check with the doctor was very positive, he was amazed at her readings and breathing response.

“Regular use of the toning tables has helped slow down my condition. My mobility has greatly improved and my friends and family have noticed that Maggie has her bubble back!”



Janet is a 79 year old woman who has been a Multiple Sclerosis sufferer for 50 years. She first came to the toning centre at the beginning of August, she required two members of staff to assist her on the toning beds and used a walking stick to transfer between equipment.  She now requires very little help from us and is able to walk into the garden without her stick and raise from her chair without holding on.

“I am so much better and really appreciate your help, you have been wonderful with me”

Anyone can use the machines. The gentle movement makes the tables and chairs particularly suitable for people with mobility issues and therefore regular exercise problems.

For enquiries and bookings please call the Toning Centre directly on 01794 835568, email on, or visit our ‘contact us’ page on the website using the quote ‘TONINGCENTRE’.



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