Phase 2 of refurb brings more new equipment at Andover Leisure Centre

Phases 1 and 2 of the gym refurbishment are complete and the brand new equipment across the main gym and strength gym is now ready to be tried out and used by members new and old. While phase 1 involved a 3 week refurbishment of the main gym, phase 2 involved the updating of the strength gym and the arrival of the brand new rig in the main gym.


All new equipment in the strength gym has been tried and tested by pro atheletes and includes machines such as the half racks and full racks which are used for squats and deadlift platforms. This aids and supports in technique which in turn allows compound exercises to be performed, ie. full body movement.


We also have a multi-functional cable machine which allows for seated row, lat-pulldown, cable-pulldown, and isolated cable-pulldown which aids in correct form and technique.


Another brand new piece of equipment that arrived in the main gym is the brand new ALC rig. The rig enables members to perform a range of functional training and strength exercises including pull ups, use of the monkey bars, and tricep dips.


For a closer look and demos of the new equipment, please visit our website and quote ‘GYMDEMO’ or the Andover Leisure Centre reception to book a tour:


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