Healthy tips for your kid’s lunchbox!


The kids are back at school, and after a long summer it is important for them to stay active and focused during school times; this can be helped through a nutritious and balanced lunch. We have come up with some cheap and cheerful lunchbox ideas for you and your children to try this term.

“Because kids can be fussy, keep it simple with a straight forward selection which is both fun and healthy. You need to make fruit and veg fun, but don’t go too ‘scientific’ with it; kids might not want to eat an apple if it’s put in front of them, so use dried fruit such as apricots and raisins as an alternative.” Denise Lewis, Andover Leisure Centre

Use wholemeal bread or wraps as they are not as heavy as white bread, making them especially good for younger children who do not need as big of a lunch. For a nutritious and balanced filling use turkey, ham or chicken with lettuce, cucumber and mayonnaise.

For break and lunch time snacks chop up carrots and cucumber into batons; the vegetable may become more appealing to children through bright colours and fun shapes.

A fruit or vanilla yoghurt provides a sweet alternative for a chocolate and gives your child the calcium they need. Give the child a chocolate bar OR crisps when they have been good, or just on alternate days. And to wash it all down pack a bottle of water everyday to ensure that your child stays hydrated and include a carton of orange or apple juice with their lunch adding another one of their 5 a day to their lunch.

At the Andover Leisure Centre café, Denise has set up a brand new menu which aims to get children eating more like adults with every meal option coming in both an adult sized portion and a children’s sized portion.



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