Recipe: Easy Smoothies

Blueberries and orange

There is currently no easier way to get your 5 a day than to make a smoothie. Containing both fruit and veg, smoothies have the ability to give you most of the fibre, vitamins, and general ‘good stuff’ that you need every day.

Below, we have provided two tasty and easy recipes for you to try yourself.

Blueberry, orange and banana smoothie
Blueberries are highly nutritious for a number of reasons, including the fact that they contain a high amount of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. Antioxidants are really useful for preventing heart disease, and the small berries even contain high amounts of fibre.

Smoothie blog 3 copy

Step 1
Put the blueberries and orange chunks in the blender.

Step 2
Add the banana, ice and juice. Blend until smooth.

Carrot and orange smoothie
Carrots contain vitamin A, which helps to make skin and hair look healthier. It’s also essential for children’s teeth and bone development. The vitamin C from the oranges is important for keeping cells healthy, as well as healing wounds.

Smoothie blog 1 copy

Step 1
Put the carrots, ice and half the orange juice in the blender and blend on full power for one minute.

Step 2
Add the orange and remaining orange juice, and blend until smooth.

So go ahead and try these recipes for yourself, or experiment! Why not add kale, red berries, or pear to your smoothies? Let us know how you get on via twitter @ValleyLeisure.


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