Run outdoors…indoors with Virtual Active equipment.

As part of our brand new gym refurbishment which will be ready in September, we are installing Virtual Active technology. This new equipment aims to take the boredom out of the gym and creates a much more interactive and unique exercise session for the user.

Do you prefer running outdoors and taking in the environment? As we enter autumn and winter, the weather conditions start decreasing making more and more people stay on the sofa instead of exercising. Virtual Active equipment turns indoor exercise into an outdoor adventure by enabling users to choose from iconic locations from around the world such as Vancouver, to take their run in, whilst staying firmly in the gym.

Virtual Active machines also let users set challenges for themselves via the use of a personal trainer setting or they can set their own pace and just enjoy the scenery.

Once the refurbishment is complete, Andover Leisure Centre are offering free tours to both members and non-members of Valley Leisure so you can see all of our improvements including the brand new Virtual Active technology.

For updates on our gym refurbishment please visit



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