Boat Hire at Charlton Lakeside

2014-08-11 12.08.40

Stuck for things to do over the summer? Kids getting a bit bored? Head down to Charlton Lakeside and take a ride on one of the boats that we have available to hire.

Hire out one of four six seater swan pedalo boats (pictured) which are able to take four adults and two children. We also have single and family sized open top kayaks available for hire on the lake.

“It’s a really fun way to engage in family time, and a very relaxing way to enjoy the lake” – Ben Thambipillai, Explore Outdoor

All boats are available to hire Monday – Sunday, 11am – 3pm for 20minutes at the pavilion at Charlton Lakeside. Please note that after the summer holidays the lake will only be open on weekends.

Prices: Kids £1.55, Adults £3.15 (£2.60 concessionary)


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