Fire up the grill! Healthy BBQ Options.

REJOICE! IT’S FINALLY BBQ SEASON!!! But with a summer packed full of sporting events on the television, many of us could end up sitting on the sofa, eating junk food, and drinking sugary drinks – all in celebration of our country of course. We’ve put together a few tips and recipes that enable you to create a BBQ that is both healthy and enjoyable for this year’s summer nights.

Burger BBQ

The Meat

Meat is the most important part of the BBQ, and you want to make sure that it is tasty and cooked through, however some burgers and sausages can be more fatty than meaty which can cause problems for both your arteries and your grill – i.e. smoke. The best way to conquer this is to use meat that is very lean; we suggest using venison burgers, one 4 ounce venison burger contains approximately 159 calories and 22grams of protein! Make sure to buy sausages that are 80% pork or more. More pork = less fat.

tip 1

 Potato Salad

Potato Salad

If you choose to make a potato salad, make sure to use the low fat options of mayonnaise and crème. Just be weary that many low fat products use sugar and salt as a substitute for fat so make sure to check the label. But you can still create a tasty and light potato salad without the fat; you just have to jazz it up a bit. We suggest that you add capers, mint and spring onions to the mix for a real flavour pop.

Sweet potato fries

Alternatively, if you want to cut down on the mayonnaise altogether, you can make some oven cooked sweet potato fries seasoned with sea salt, paprika, and rosemary for a healthy alternate to fried chips.


You can never have too many vegetables, so alongside your potato salad, make a colourful salad with lettuce, rocket, cucumber, red and yellow peppers, the spring onions that were left over from your potato salad, mint, cherry or plum tomatoes, and use a light dressing to bring it all together.

tip 2

As well as a salad, grill large corn on the cobs on the BBQ and dust with paprika for extra taste, perfect for a hot summer’s day BBQ either at home or on the beach! To cook the cobs, first soak them in water for 15mins then add them to the grill and turn regularly for 30minutes.


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