NCS Diary: Week 3

Week three for the NCS students saw the groups having to put their heads together to create business plans and ideas to fundraise for a local charity of their choice. The groups then faced a panel of ‘Dragons’ in a bid to win money that would help them with their fundraising plans. Our NCS student from Brighton Hill Community School has documented her experiences with a diary.



On Monday the groups were pitched too by local charities which they then picked from to help and fundraise for. They then had to iron out all the details on how they will be raising the money and how they could work effectively in a group. Their chosen charity is Andover Mind, and they will be working with the Ugly Duckling workshop to refurbish and create furniture to sell.


On Tuesday the group of 11 met up and continued to plan their event. They also composed donation letters and emails and calling people on the phone to ask for donations or free items to help them with the event.


The group continued to plan their event. They approached local shops to look for fabric to make their furniture, they also phoned companies and people to get donations and materials for their project. Our NCS student found that phoning people for donations was the most challenging aspect of the day.


The students continued their efforts to try and get shops to help them in any way through phone calls and emails. The group also had to prepare their presentation and scripts for Friday’s pitch which they found quite challenging.


Friday saw the day of the pitch to the Dragons! The group finalised what they had to include in the presentation ready to show to the judges – who included MP Sir George Young. After a bit of a boring planning process, our NCS student said that the most challenging part of the day was talking in front of the judges.

After a full week of planning, the group’s presentation pulled off as they managed to get the £50 that they asked from the Dragons.


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