NCS Diary: Week 2

As NCS students from Andover and Basingstoke entered their second week, they found themselves in another week filled with an exciting variety of activities that will help them to progress and gain some valuable skills whilst camping for the week on the grounds of Norman Court. A student from Brighton Hill Community School has shared her experiences of the week with Valley Leisure.


The NCS students spent their Monday surrounded by nature, and learning the importance of sustaining the environment around them. The group labelled small trees so that they can be identified easily, covered a wooden hut floor in bark, painted an animal on tile, went for a walk in the woods, and learnt how to make a fire. The students also cooked their dinner on the open fire, which didn’t turn out to be very nice.


Despite the broken toilets and showers, by the second day the students started getting used to camping. On Tuesday, our NCS student spent the day working with the charity Ugly Duckling, both making and selling products made from recycled wood and furniture. This particular NCS student made a birdhouse which was sold for the profit of the charity, she said that she enjoyed making the birdhouse but she found it quite challenging to sell the items on the high street. The group also really enjoyed the BBQ that they had in the evening.


On Wednesday the group did a drama workshop at college to present to the elderly residents of a local care home. Although she enjoyed the workshop, our NCS student found it challenging to keep a conversation going with the residents.


The Thursday saw the students compete in team games at the college and work with children at Andover Leisure Centre. These particular activities, although challenging, were enjoyable and taught them how to communicate in different ways. The group that our NCS student was in were also treated to a meal at the Slug and Lettuce in the evening which was very enjoyable.


Friday was spent at the food bank in Andover both packing boxes of food and learning what the food bank does to help thousands of people. The group also had to cook two meals using ingredients that a homeless person would have been given which included tuna, pasta, rice, leeks, tinned tomatoes, ketchup, and tinned potatoes, and fresh potatoes. Our NCS diary student found it quite challenging to cook food that the whole group would like and she ended up cooking tuna pasta as one of the two meals.

Our NCS student rated the week overall to be good as although she enjoyed the week’s activities, most of the problems that she faced were with the camping accommodation.



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