Andover’s Young Carers swimming class proves successful!

15 children participated in a six week, Make a Difference funded, course to learn and improve their swimming abilities. Some of those 15 young carers lacked in confidence, and mobility in the water was non-existent for some. Through lessons that were tailored to each individual, the young carers grew in both confidence and their abilities in the water.

young carers

The initial assessment of the young carers saw that out of the 15 there were 5 who were at a beginner’s level, 5 weak, and 5 non swimmers, but all were excited to get into the water and learn how to swim. There were weekly stroke improvements in front crawl and back stroke, as well as the children being taught the skill of treading water. By the end of the course, all 15 of the children could tread water with a buoyancy aid, some were progressing to do it without aids and a few could tread water independently. As well as these skills 13 children could jump into the pool unassisted and the remaining 2 could jump in assisted; all of the children could move on their front and backs without assistance and all were able to put their faces into the water and blow bubbles.

“The lessons were structured well and tailored to the individual needs of each young carer and their abilities, which was fabulous considering there were 15 of them! The young carers absolutely loved coming along to the lessons and were so willing to learn.” – Gina Holton.

Through the help of teachers Jennifer Cannon and Cynthia Cannon, by the end of the six week programme six of the children achieved their 5 meter badge; amongst them were Chelsea, Lauren, Kitty, Daisy, Megan, and Dalton. Four of the children achieved the 10 metre badge and amongst them were Akasha, Hermione, Susan, and Jack. Five of the children earned the 25 meter badge; amongst them were Tyler, Jada, Anya, Callum, and Connor.

All of the children really enjoyed swimming and are now much more confident in their abilities in the water. Overall, this programme was a huge success!



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