NCS Diary: Week One

Every week an NCS student will be reflecting on their activities in the form of a diary for us to share and for you to gain a little more insight into what it is like to be an NCS student.


Most of the Monday was taken up by the NCS students travelling from Andover Leisure Centre to Falmouth University where they would be staying on residential for the rest of the week. The students them partook in some team building games.


Tuesday’s activities were kayaking and group games. Our NCS student said that out of all of the activities the group games were her favourite because they were fun, and that she found the kayaking the most challenging because she found it difficult to keep going.


Wednesday’s activities included surfing and partaking in group activities on the beach. This particular NCS student found it quite difficult to stay on the surf board but really enjoyed doing the group work and found her Wednesday to be ‘Excellent’ overall.

“My favourite was being on the beach because we had to work in our groups and compete against the others”


Thursday’s activities were part of a ‘coasteering’ day and included climbing, swimming, cliff jumping, and playing games on the beach. Our NCS student found that cliff jumping was her favourite and it also helped her to overcome her fear of heights. By Thursday it seems that the groups (who didn’t know each other at the start of the week) are gelling well and are all helping each other in the daily activities.


Like Monday, the Friday was taken up by travelling back from Falmouth after a week packed full of activities that these 16-17 year olds would not normally get the chance to do. With a bit of a shaky start our NCS student and her friends all rated the week overall as ‘Excellent’.



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