Andy Pitts: Road to Recovery

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As part of our look back over the last 25 years of Valley Leisure, we are sharing a story from one year ago when we caught up with member Andy Pitts who overcame a lot to be the man he is today.

In 1983, Valley Leisure member, Andy Pitts was involved in a road accident which left him in hospital for over a year. 31 years later, with the help of our fitness trainer Greg, Andy certainly has proven that although he may have been down, he certainly is not out.

Andy Pitts 16th July 14

1. How has coming to this leisure centre and working with Greg helped you in your journey of recovery?

It has helped immensely; I did weights originally and looked into gyms to aid in my recovery. It is easier nowadays to get on the right track, when I was younger I bought some weights and trained with a personal gym.

2. What do you like about Valley Leisure Centres?

I can come and go to suit myself. I like that even though I know how to use weights, someone is here to push me and help my progression. Greg is currently showing and advising me.

3. Since your accident, how beneficial has fitness been to your life?


4. What are your favourite exercises to do at the gym?

Swimming is something I can do at my own pace, and if I need a break it is a great way of relaxing. I also like the stair climber; it’s more effort and because there is something I can hold onto, I feel stable, I’m safer.

5. Do you have any general tips in keeping a healthy lifestyle?

Try not to smoke! Smoking is something I managed to quit. Balance a sensible diet, and don’t overdo it! If you start feeling a pain, stop and recover before carrying on.

Andy’s top 3 cardio machines:

  • Treadclimber
  • Wind jammer
  • Treadmill

Andy’s top 3 weight machines:

  • Lat pull-down
  • Tricep extension machine
  • Lower back machine

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