Andover Leisure Centre follows carnival yellow brick road to fitness

Dorothy, her red shoes and her friends from Oz, will be taking part in the Andover carnival on Sunday to encourage more people to follow the yellow brick road to a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

HCS 6th Form Explore 171

The Andover Leisure Centre float will feature Dorothy (studio instructor, Lucilla Holder), the Tin Man (swim school coordinator, Tammy Dewhurst), the Lion (Lisa Stevens from customer services) and the Scarecrow (played by lifeguard Ed Peszkowski). They, and their supporting cast, will be telling carnival goers about the free taster sessions available at the leisure centre to help people improve their health, fitness and wellbeing.

 Oz Dorothy Oz Lion

Oz 3

“The leisure centre is a much used and important part of the community and we’re delighted to support the carnival team, the Wizard of Oz theme has given us a lot of scope to be creative and encourage more people to be more active.We’ve got motivation for people who, like the Tin Man, are a touch rusty and out of practice.

Oz Scarecrow

” We’ve got information and education for the people like the Scarecrow who don’t know where to start. And we’ve got support for people who are nervous, like the Wizard of Oz lion, and fearful of taking on something new.”

(Liz Murray, community development manager for Valley Leisure)

Along side the carnival, Valley Leisure will have a climbing wall set up at Vigo Park from 12pm – 9pm on Sunday for all to enjoy, and a stand for visitors to find out more information about activities throughout the school holidays, adventure days, and there will be the opportunity for non-members to pick up a free taster pass which is redeemable at one of Valley Leisure’s four sites.

For more information see or ring Andover Leisure Centre on 01264 347100.


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