World cup Fever: Member Cole Hinchliffe talks to us about how he became a FA coach and his fitness training for football.

Cole Hinchliffe is 20 years old and a local football coach. Cole has been a member at Andover Leisure Centre since he was 14, and joined through his school participating in the Teen Fitness programme.Image

When did you start playing football and how did you progress and get into football coaching?

I started playing football locally at the age of 12 and was lucky enough to get offered a 2 year contract at Oxford United’s centre of excellence, when I was 14. At 16 was given a 2 year scholarship to play full time, so I had to move up to Oxford. Since then have been playing locally as my contract at wasn’t renewed and now I play for the new Andover Town FC.

I qualified as level 2 FA coach at the age of 18, so I have been qualified for nearly three years.  I was put through my coaching badge by Oxford united when I was a scholar there at the age of 16-18. Once I was qualified Oxford United gave us sessions throughout the week coaching the younger age groups in the centre of excellence at the club. I was coaching for roughly a 1.5 hour session at a time, since then I haven’t used my coaching badge for a little while, because in my spare time outside of work I play football myself.

What does your training in the gym involve and do you do any training outside the gym?

In the gym I just mainly do weights, as all my cardiovascular training is done outside the gym with my football team during training sessions or matches.

What do you think are the most important aspects of fitness for footballers?

Personally I think lower body and core strength in the most important aspect for a footballer, not necessarily being the biggest guy on the pitch but having a strong core with a good centre of balance and lower leg power so you can push off. It can also be dependant on the position you play in the pitch, speed for wingers, stamina and endurance for you centre midfielders as they are the ones who are up and down for 90 minutes.

What do you think of football in the local area? Do we have any rising stars?

Locally football is getting a lot better thanks to the restart of Andover Town FC, there is plenty of talent in Andover and in the surrounding area’s. So it’s good to have a local club with strong backing now where they can showcase talent. It isn’t always easy for younger people to make commitment to travel to find a club where they have chances of getting spotted up by bigger clubs.

What do you think of the sports opportunities and facilities in the town?

There’s plenty of local gyms, astro turfs, playing fields and small clubs in this town so no reason for someone who wants to get involved not to.

Who do you think will win the World Cup? Are there any players you’ll be keeping an eye on?

I’m tied really, obviously would have loved to see England win. But if I had to pick I would probably go for Brazil this year, but Belgium would be worth keeping an eye on with the squad they have! I’m most keen to see how Costa plays in this World Cup having had such a good season and with such a good team behind him.

If you are aged 14+ and interested in completing a Teen Fitness programme this summer, get in contact.

Note: This interview was at the beginning of the football world cup.



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