Susie’s story: “Even if I’m walking, I will cross the finish line!”

The London Marathon is creeping up on us, and Valley Leisure member Susie is feeling ready for race day.

Susie's London Marathon training diary

We check in with her for the last time before the event to find out if she’s on track, and how she’s planning for the day itself:

It’s been a while since we last caught up. How’s your training going?
Its going really well! The sun’s shining, it’s spring, and it’s great to get out at the weekends.
I can run in the evening now, because it’s lighter.
I haven’t been doing so much in the gym, but I have still been doing low impact classes and longer runs at the weekend.
My longest run is 16 miles, and now I’m just maintaining my fitness level and keeping the distances slightly shorter for the last month.

How is your fundraising going?
That’s going really well. One of my suppliers has donated an iPad Air, which I’m raffling, and I’ve had a lot of support from that.
I’m now at about £2,500 out of £3,000, and Virgin Media will match pound-for-pound what I’ve raised.
I’m so determined to reach the £3,000!

What classes are you doing to help you out?
I’m still doing a lot of studio cycling classes, as well as Tabata and functional circuits for variety.
I do something every day, but I give myself a day off on Saturday!

How are the final preparations going as it gets nearer?
We’ve had our numbers given to us now, and we’ve been told the four days that you can go and register in London.
I’ll be doing that in the Easter holidays, and will enjoy a day out with my kids too.
It’s very exciting, I’m even getting my t-shirt printed!

Are you getting ready for the actual day?
Yes, I am.
There are three different starts to the race, so depending on the time that you’re said you’re going to run, you’re put into a group.
There’s a red, a green and a blue start, and I’m in the red which is in Greenwich Park.
It’s all very organised! The information that you receive beforehand is very detailed.

How do you think you’ll feel right before the race?
I’m quite nervous already!
I’ve been watching Sport Relief recently, and seeing what the presenters have been doing has made me think that 26.2 miles is really not a big thing.
I just want to finish now!

Have you got any good methods for preventing injury?
I’d been recommended to have physio for any twinges or injury I sustain, but I’ve actually had physio the whole time.
Not just for treating any twinges that I’ve got, but also for having proper sports massages.
So I’m really hoping that that preventative activity has helped.
But I know I’m going to experience pain on the day! It’s inevitable.
I’ve already booked my massage for afterwards!

How do you think you’ll wind down afterwards? Will there be more marathons soon?
Everyone says it’s very addictive, but I’m not sure about that!
I think I might stick to 10k runs, because I like that distance.
It used to seem like a really long way, but now it doesn’t!

Well, we’re very excited that you’re finally getting to do your goal of the London Marathon!
Yes – as long as I achieve it! I can’t back out now, so as long as I’m walking, I will be crossing the finish line!

Is there a time you’re aiming for?
I’d like to do it in four hours, based on my training.
That is achievable, but they say that you’ll take longer than you think you will.
So I’m fully expecting it could be longer.
But I’ll just be so happy with finishing!

Good luck, and we’ll look out for you on TV! You won’t be in a crazy costume?
No, but I’ll try to make sure that I’m near someone who is, so I can be on TV!

Have you got anyone coming down to support you on the day?
Yes, I’ve got friends and family, and the Virgin team will be there.
So I’m sure we’ll all be running together to start with.

We wish Susie good luck in the Marathon on the 13th April, and will be meeting up with her after the race to find out how she did.

Susie is still taking donations, and you can sponsor her here.


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