6 month fitness diary: how are they getting on?

We’ve been following them on their journey, and now our competition winners have been working out with us for two months.

So how are they getting on?

Who’s loving aqua classes? Who’s feeling more confident in their self? And who’s feeling more energetic every day? Find out below:

Phil, member at The Rapids

How has the last month been?
The last month has been really good.
I’m definitely getting used to going to classes now, especially now that I know the routines.

How have you been feeling over the past month?
I’m really starting to feel more confident about myself.
I’m feeling less tired at the end of the working day, and I believe it’s all the exercise that’s helped me get to this.
My energy levels have come on leaps and bounds.

Have you still been doing a lot of classes? What are you enjoying?
I haven’t been doing as many classes as I would like, because I’ve had work and family commitments.
I’m still managing to do a couple of classes a week, though.
My favourites are still BODYPUMP and studio cycling.

Last time we spoke, you said you’d like to get a programme made for the gym when you feel fitter.
Has this happened?
Not yet unfortunately, but I’m definitely feeling much fitter.
Hopefully in the coming month I’ll get my programme put together.

Now that we’re getting into spring, how do you think the weather will affect your motivation?
I’m a pretty motivated person anyway, but hopefully the better weather will help to motivate me more.

Is there anything new you’d like to try this month?
I’m hoping to attend a BODYBALANCE class in the next few weeks, as my wife says it’s brilliant.

Have you had any setbacks in the last month?
No, the month has been very good – so set backs at all, and I’m really enjoying myself!

Teoni, member at Andover Leisure Centre

How has the last month been?
The last month has been really good.
I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t really had time to visit the gym, but I have been doing a class every week when I can.

What classes have you been going to?
The same ones as before, 20 20 20 and Legs, Bums & Tums.
I really enjoy them, and I’m seeing the results.
They fit nicely with my timetable, too!

How are you feeling after two months?
I feel great, and a lot more confident in myself.
People have been saying “you look well”, and I’m thinking: actually, I do!
I feel well, so that’s good. It’s given me a lot of confidence.

Now that we’re getting into spring, how do you think the weather will affect your motivation?
It will definitely affect it.
When the sun comes out earlier, you’re more raring to get out, and visit the centre.
I think it will really help me.

How is  your confidence in the gym now? Last month you said you were trying to stick to your schedule.
I’m going to work with my instructor to talk about exercise options.
The problem for me at the minute is mainly having the time, because I’ve been so busy.

I know your end goal is to be ready for your wedding. Is it all going well?
Yes, I’m not getting too stressed.
It’s all coming together nicely!

What would you like to try next month?
I’d like to try swimming next month, and do more in the gym.
I’d like to be able to get up, go to the gym, and get on with my day. And maybe try a new class!

Have you had any setbacks?
Only my lack of time.
I work with schools in the day and teach in the evening, so it’s just cramming it all in.

Samantha, member at Andover Leisure Centre

How has the last month been?
It started well and I’ve been progressing, but unfortunately I had a mild knee injury after a class which has become very swollen.

Sorry to hear that! Did you enjoy the class before that happened?
I actually loved it!
It’s a new aqua fitness class for people with injuries or disabilities.
I felt more confident at than I think I would have done at a regular class.
My knee only started hurting after I left the pool, but with a knee support I’ll be able to give it another go soon!

Apart from your knee, how have you been feeling?
I’m enjoying it more.
I’m even starting to recognise regular faces, and it’s becoming good fun.
Everyone is really lovely.

Are you still visiting the gym with your brother? How is it going?
Yes, my brother has been great.
My favourite machine in the gym is the Octane (a cross between an exercise bike and a cross trainer).
It’s really comfortable to use, and puts no pressure on my knee or feet.

Have you been given a gym programme?
I’m meeting Laura in the gym next week, and she’s given me useful advice already.

How are your pool lengths going? You were doing really well last month!
I’m at 26, but I’m not running out of strength so easily – which is a good thing!

Now that we’re getting into spring, how do you think the weather will affect your motivation?
Spring is a great time for reassessing your health.
There are longer days, and you want to phase out winter comfort food and eat more fresh produce.
I think that goes hand in hand with exercising more.
When it’s dark, you’re much more likely to want to spend the evening snuggled up on the sofa!

Is there anything new you’d like to try this month?
I’d like to do more aqua classes, as I loved it and it was great for my health issues (aside from the knee!).

How are your energy levels?
I’d be lying if I said greatly improved, but I’m getting there slowly.
I’d gone downhill gradually in the last couple of years since my cancer treatment, and got into a real rut.
It felt impossible to get out of, but for the first time I’m heading in an upwards direction and that feels great!

Have you had any other setbacks this month?
Apart from my knee, I’ve got a bug and am on antibiotics, but I’ll be back on track soon.
This is a fantastic experience for me, as I’ve spent so long being limited by my health.
I’m now saying to myself: “what else can I do?!”

It’s great to see our competition winners doing so well!
Watch out for next month’s update to find out how they’re getting on as they reach the halfway mark.


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