Karen & Dan’s Valentine story

For Valentine’s Day, we’ve been searching low and high for our favourite customer love story.

That’s where Karen and Dan come in.

Valentines Day

If you’re loved up, curl up and enjoy their great story – and if you’re single, have no fear. Love could be just one gym visit away!

Karen and Dan first met in the gym at Andover Leisure Centre. Fast forward five years, and they’re now married – and Karen even works in the gym!

How did you first meet?
Dan used to work in the gym, many years ago.
We didn’t really know each other, I only knew him because he was an instructor and I trained in the gym after work.

We started talking in 2009, and Dan started to give me weight training tips – it went from there!
We would arrange to meet up in the gym and train.
I remember one time when he pushed me through a leg session – I was nearly in tears as it was so hard!

Who made the first move?
I asked Dan if I could take him out for a coffee after training, and then it moved onto the cinema, and so on.

How important to you both is a love for health and fitness?
We’ve both always been into health and fitness, but even more so now.
I compete in bodybuilding competitions and I’m a personal trainer and fitness instructor, so I think it’s important to look the part.

Karen and Dan's wedding day, in 2012.
Karen and Dan’s wedding day, in 2012.

How do you two support each other in your training and goals?
Dan supports me 100% in my bodybuilding endeavours. He is my biggest fan, and I like to call him my sponsor as this can be an expensive sport to be a part of.

You both train a lot together now – how do you manage to fit it around your work and commitments?
Dan works in Afghanistan as a risk manager, so unfortunately he’s away most of the year.
Apart from that, our training fits in well with work – I particularly live in the gym, and when Dan at work, his gym is right next to his bedroom.

Tell us about your wedding?
We had booked to go and watch the biggest bodybuilding expo in September 2012, which was in Las Vegas.
We decided to get married out there while we were at it!

I started working in the gym at Andover Leisure Centre a month later.
I was offered the job when I was at the airport waiting to fly to Las Vegas, so that was a great start to what was the best holiday with the best day of my life!

So what have you got to lose? Get in the gym and find the love of your life!


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