Next day resolutions: how to keep motivated beyond January.

How are your new year’s resolutions going?

If you’re anything like the average person, not very well.

New years resolutions

But is there a way we can help to keep ourselves motivated?

Here in the Valley Leisure offices, we think we’ve got it cracked:

There are lots of suggestions why new year’s resolutions don’t work. One reason is that big resolutions are often unrealistic.

Another is that people just aren’t ready to make a life-altering change overnight, while the miserable weather can also be to blame for people dropping quickly into old habits.

After many discussions in the Valley Leisure offices about how to keep ourselves and others motivated enough to stick to something – fitness related or otherwise, we think Customer Engagement Manager Neil has come up with the best solution: next day resolutions.

Customer Engagement Manager Neil takes part in our Strike a Pose campaign
Customer Engagement Manager Neil takes part in our Strike a Pose campaign

So what does this actually involve?

It’s simple, according to Neil – instead of setting yourself up to fail at a long, unobtainable goal, smaller and more broken down resolutions are a lot easier to keep.

You take each day as it comes, and make yourself a resolution for the next day. For example, you may choose to try something new in the gym tomorrow, or attend a studio class.

Neil says this lets him celebrate what he’s achieving, and he’s getting more done than if he had set a vague ‘get more exercise’ type of new year’s resolution.

Since the new year, Neil has been reducing the amount of tea he drinks in a day (along with the accompanying sugar and biscuits), and drinking more water.

As well as this, he’s set himself the slightly longer-term goals of taking part in TryTri‘s Charlton Duathlon in February, and the a2c Triathlon in April.

These events give Neil something to aim for, and he works his training into his next day goals. He’s even cycled for the first time in two years!

The bug is catching around the offices – more people are nipping to the pool for a few lengths during lunch, and cake is gradually being replaced with tasty, healthy soups – thanks to the influence of Assistant Manager Catering and Events, John.

New year's resolution motivation wall

A series of motivational pictures and quotes has appeared on the wall of The Rapids office to keep everyone feeling engaged with their goals, while Assistant Manager Sales Jo has drawn up a list of events she plans to take part in over 2014.

The Rapids motivation list

Jo says her list of Jollies helps to give her exercise and workouts focus, while the events give her ‘small steps’ to build up until her John O’Groats to Land’s End trip.

Other changes are being made across Valley Leisure too: our Health & Safety consultant Ian is reducing his food intake by banning himself from unhealthy snacks.

Ian says the secret to his success is a sign on the kitchen cupboard that reads ‘Do you really need this?’.

HR Administrator Abigail has started working out with Leon, a Personal Trainer at Andover Leisure Centre, and is enjoying her sessions even if they’re challenging at times, and Physical Activity Development Manager Jess has started to make more meals from scratch.

Next day resolutions are working well for us – why don’t you give them a try too?
If you’d like to fit more exercise into your day, you can find swim, gym and studio times here – and be sure to let us know what you’re aiming for.
There’s still time to make 2014 YOUR year!


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