Susie’s story: “I’m on track for the London Marathon!”

Valley Leisure member Susie is still training hard for the London Marathon in April, despite the recent rubbish weather!

Susie Currie trains for London Marathon

The distances are getting longer, the fundraising amount is getting higher, and the event is getting nearer.

Check out how Susie’s getting on this month:

How has the last month been? Did you managed to drag yourself in to train over the Christmas break?
I did! I have to with an instructor like Al.
He’s very regimented, and a bit of a taskmaster. He doesn’t let me get away with anything!

The fundraising is going well, too. I’m just short of £1,500 right now.
We have an auction coming up soon, with some incredible lots. Everyone has been very generous.
I’ve also been featured on the Virgin Media intranet. They’re featuring all the runners who are participating for Virgin Media.

Last time we spoke, you’d hurt your Achilles. Are you all recovered now?
I am! So now I’m able to boost up my mileage, and that’s what I’m focusing on.

And how are the classes going? Are you still visiting them?
Yes, I’m still going to Studio Cycling and have started going to others, like Abs for my core, and Stretch & Relax.
I’ve been working really hard on my endurance too.

So now we’re in 2014, the marathon is this year! Is that scary?
It is! Very scary.
April’s not that far away now!

Is this where the training really steps up a gear?
Yes, I think so. The weather has been a hindrance for running outside, but I’m going to start doing more 10k runs.

How often are you training now?
Every day. I sometimes have one day off a week, if I’m really tired.
I am trying to focus on an activity every day, though.

We also caught up with Al, Susie’s instructor at Andover Leisure Centre to see how he thinks she’s getting on.

Is Susie on target for her goal?
She’s doing very well with her training.
She’s committed to going to classes, and she’s very focused and driven in the gym.
Susie does need to raise the level slightly on the endurance and distance side slightly, and we’ve agreed to get her mileage up now.

Her core work is a lot better though, and having a tight core will make the running easier for her.
The variety in her classes is great too, but now we need to work on her breathing and pacing.

We’ll be catching up with Susie next month, and you can donate by clicking here to join us in supporting her towards the big day.


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